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Hypertech Power Chip

Brand: Hypertech | Category: ECU Reflash / Tuning

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Product Description

Hypertech Power Chips are direct replacements for the stock chips in 1981-1995 GM vehicles. The Power Chip contains the Hypertech Power Tuning data that controls the engine’s air/fuel ratio and spark advance. Power Chips can be installed in less than 30 minutes using only hand tools. No wiring or soldering is required – just plug in and go! Street Runner and ThermoMaster chips both contain Hypertech Power Tuning programs. ThermoMasters contain special programming that allows the use of a 160-degree or 180-degree thermostat. If you can’t or don’t want to change the thermostat, then use the Street Runner.

Street Runner Power Chip
The Street Runner Power Chip is designed for daily street driving or competition in unmodified vehicles using a stock thermostat. The Street Runner Power Chip contains Hypertech’s powerful engine tuning information to deliver maximum power at full throttle (with increased boost pressures on turbocharged cars). The Street Runner also raises RPM for torque converter lock-up, producing better driveability and smoother shifting. Mileage and emissions during ordinary daily driving are not affected. The Street Runner Power Chip puts fun and excitement in your driving and gives you the extra power you need for passing, pulling, or maneuvering out of a tight situation.

ThermoMaster Power Chip
The ThermoMaster Power Chip, used in conjunction with a low-temperature PowerStat thermostat, is the most powerful chip you can run on the street. The ThermoMaster not only provides maximum performance, but it will also help keep the engine cooler in situations of extreme heat such as emergency vehicles, desert driving, competition, etc. Cool air has more air molecules per cubic inch than hot air. An engine running in cool, dense air produces more horsepower and is less likely to detonate than an engine that is taking in hot air.

The Hypertech PowerStat thermostat lowers both the temperature of the incoming air/fuel mixture and the engine coolant temperature. The ThermoMaster Power Chip is programmed to take advantage of this cooler, more powerful air/fuel mixture produced by the Powerstat. All temperature-sensitive functions controlled by the ThermoMaster chip (such as a minimum temperature for torque converter lock-up, closed loop operation, and in some cars, early fan turn-on) are adjusted for a cooler temperature thermostat. The Hypertech PowerStat is specifically designed for use with the Thermomaster Power Chip.

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