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HushMat Vehicle Specific Kit

Brand: HushMat | Category: Interior Products

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Product Description

Make your vehicle ride like a new model – improve the ride and drive with Hushmat’s Custom Vehicle Insulation kit for your vehicles Roof.

Did you know that when driving on the highway at 65-70 miles per hour the interior of your vehicle is approaching 80-90 decibels? That is like have a vacuum cleaner or garbage disposal running on your passenger seat! Sounds crazy right? This happens in most vehicles every day. HushMat is the solution to REDUCE the noise level in your vehicle by up to 15 decibels!

Ever think about driving on the highway and then exiting? At the end of the exit ramp what is the first thing you do? You turn down your radio or music because it was too loud! It had to be that loud on the highway to overcome all the noise inside your vehicle. HushMat reduces this noise floor and allows you to hear more music.

Did you also know that there is over 200 degrees of heat cooking your firewall and floor pan? That’s right – your engine, headers, manifold & exhaust generate tremendous heat that transfers to the metal firewall & floor – this heats up your vehicle interior. This creates a very uncomfortable ride, especially in the summer! This also forces your AC system to work harder to reduce & maintain comfortable temperatures inside your vehicle. HushMat is the solution to reduce thermal transfer into your interior. HushMat’s proprietary USA manufactured visco-elastic chemistry dissipates this heat insulating your interior causing less load on you’re A/C system – making your vehicle significantly cooler. HushMat Ultra is proven in an independent study to lower this temperature by over 40%.

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