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HP Tuners VCM Suite Credits

Brand: HP Tuners | Category: ECU Reflash / Tuning

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What is a HP Tuners VCM Suite Credits
A credit, or more precisely, the current number of available credits is the determining factor on what licenses you can select. Each license type has an associated number of credits that are required to activate it. As an example, when you first purchase VCM Suite, it ships with 8 credits. You could use these credits to license four LS1 Single vehicles or two LS2 vehicles, or 2 x LS1 and 1 x LS2 etc. If you do not have enough credits to activate the desired license you must purchase and add more credits. Eg. If you have 4 existing credits and wish to activate an LS1 year/model license (requires 6 credits) you would need to purchase at least 2 additional credits before that option would be available. Overall, the credit is the basic measure of what licenses you can and can’t activate at any time.

Why a credit based system?
A credit based licensing system gives great flexibility and freedom to the customer. In many ways it is just like a prepaid cell phone, you are in complete control of how you use and purchase your credits. Credits are used for all aspects of licensing with the new MPVI interface, including single vehicle (VIN), year/model (vehicle type) and special tunershop packages. For customers who add new vehicles or licenses frequently, the addition of new vehicles/credits is a very streamlined process and requires no software download.

Some of the benefits of the credit system:

  • Product ships with free credits, no need to specify license type at order.
  • Addition of credits via simple web based process. No software downloads.
  • Easy to use, menu based system for using credits on various license types.
  • License what you want, when you want.
  • Can keep a credit reserve, “just in case”, no waiting for licenses on unusual vehicles.
  • New single vehicle (VIN) licenses in addition to traditional year/model based.
  • Suits all business models, home enthusiast, weekend tuner, small tunershop and large tunershop/manufacturer.
  • This new system also helps us (HPT) move to a more flexible software structure, the end result of which is more end user features, easier upgrade distribution and faster development times.

Are there different types of credits?
Yes. At present GM, Ford & Dodge Credits are available. Credits cannot be shared between application types. ie. GM credits could not be used to license Ford vehicles and vice versa.

How many credits do I need for a particular license?
The credit system is very flexible and the number of credits required to license a particular vehicle depends on the vehicle and the license type required. As an example, to license a Single Vehicle V6 requires 2 credits, but to license unlimited Gen III V8 cars requires 30 credits.

Also, remember that Upgrade Credits continually reduce the cost of the next higher applicable license, see question 5 and 9 for more details.

Can I delete licenses or swap them for another vehicle?
No. Once licenses are chosen and committed, they are permanently stored and cannot be erased or swapped.

What can I do with the 8 free credits on initial purchase?
When you first purchase VCM Suite, you receive 8 credits as part of the base package. These credits can be used any combination requiring a total of 8 or less credits, or additional credits can be purchased as well. The system is totally flexible and over time as HP Tuners adds new vehicle support or additional licensed enhancements, credits are used to add that capability to the customer feature set.

Enthusiast with one LS1 vehicle, intake mods, running speed density tune:
- Single Vehicle LS1 license (2 credits)
- Single Vehicle VCM Enhancement (2 credits)
- 4 credits spare (eg. decides to fit a supercharger in future, can go to 2 or 3 bar Speed Density on this vehicle at no additional charge)

Enthusiast with one LS1 vehicle, one LS2 vehicle:
- Single Vehicle LS1 license (2 credits)
- Single Vehicle LS2 license (2 credits)
- 4 credits spare (eg. could license a friends LS1 car/truck and another friends LS2 car/truck)

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