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AWE Tuning Turbo - RSK04 Kit AUDI

Brand: AWE Tuning | Category: Turbo Kits

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
Click For More Info 2001 - 2005 ALLROAD QUATTRO ALL V6 2.7 T ALL ALL Manual Trans; Tiptronic Trans
Click For More Info 2000 - 2002 S4 ALL V6 2.7 T ALL ALL Avant;Sedan; Manual Trans; Tiptronic Trans
Click For More Info 2000 - 2002 S4 ALL V6 2.7 T ALL ALL Sedan; Tiptronic Trans; Manual Trans
Click For More Info 2000 - 2002 S4 ALL V6 2.7 T ALL ALL Sedan;Avant; Manual Trans

Product Description

The AWE Tuning RSK04 turbo upgrade kit evolved from our record setting Audi S4 Silverbullet tuning package. Developing the wild 550+ hp Silverbullet S4 (featured in Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video game: Forza Motorsport 2) equipped us with the knowledge to bring you a bolt on turbo package unparalleled in the industry.

G.I.A.C. has done extensive RS4 chip tuning work for South American and European RS4 owners, and gave us good data to work with when we designed our kit for the rigors of North American usage. They also designed a collection of chip programs to use with this kit that can be uploaded to your fuel injection ECU for an additional fee. Their Handheld Switcher module is available to switch between Pump Fuel, Race Fuel, Valet, Security Kill, and Low Boost programs at a touch of a button, or an included software CD can be used with a laptop to do so.

Also available is the G.I.A.C. Boost Controller, allowing you to adjust boost upwards or downwards with the use of a laptop. Going to the drag strip looking for your personal best time? Consider cranking up the boost to 22psi+ for that record run. It is as simple as a click of a button on your laptop. Power gains of over 30hp have been seen above our advertised 460hp when pumping up the boost to maximum levels.

Why did we not choose to use RS4 components with our fueling kit? While the RS4 turbos are quite capable of producing good power, the rest of the RS4 components, such as the fuel injectors and MAF (Mass Air Flow sensor), are run near to their limits at anything over 400hp. In addition, the RS4 fuel injectors are not the correct spray pattern for the S4 cylinder heads.

The AWE Tuning RSK04 system uses a much larger proprietary Bosch injector than the RS4 spec, as well as our own MAF housing design and injected molded laminar flow screen, with a special silicone hose connecting the MAF to the Y-pipe. On 2000 S4s, our turbo kit replaces the inherently problematic Bosch MAF sensor with the much more relaible 2001-02 Hitachi MAF. We also offer a redesigned exhaust manifold set to decrease the turbo lag associated with these larger turbos, as well as significantly improving exhaust flow at high rpms.

The kit is available in 2 forms – with manifolds or without manifolds. The addition of the AWE Tuning tubular manifolds provides ~9-10 more hp at higher rpms, ~20ftlbs of torque, and much improved turbo lag. Full boost of 20psi is achieved as low as 3000 rpms with the use of our manifolds.

The RSK04 Fueling Kit is also available separately from the turbo kits for enthusiasts that have already installed K04 turbochargers and have been waiting for a properly designed and programmed hardware and software package to allow the full potential of their K04 turbos to be unleashed.

While the manifolds are not an absolute requirement for safe operation of the AWE Tuning RSK04 kit, aftermarket downpipes and a high flow exhaust system ARE REQUIRED (contact us for package pricing. Upgraded intercoolers are also highly recommended for use with this turbo kit.

  • Please note that the G.I.A.C. Boost Controller software allows you to raise boost to a level that AWE Tuning feels is not suited for long term usage on K04 turbos, and we cannot warranty your turbos under such conditions.

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