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AWE Tuning Turbo - 750R Kit PORSCHE

Brand: AWE Tuning | Category: Turbo Kits

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
Click For More Info 2007 - 2009 911 TURBO H6 3.6 T ALL ALL AWD; Manual Trans; PDK Trans; Tiptronic Trans

Product Description

As tested, our 750R package will outrun a Ferrari 599, Porsche Carrera GT, or Murcielago LP 640 from 0-60 and also in the quarter mile. At full weight, on pump fuel, and on street tires. No tricks here. Just get in and drive.

AWE Tuning strives to develop performance products that enhance the driving experience with none of the ill effects that come from improper engineering. With this mindset, we set a goal for the 997TT platform and began working diligently: 700 Horsepower on pump fuel and 750 Horsepower on race fuel.

After almost two long years of research and development, we have achieved our power targets in a daily drivable, bolt-on package, unrivaled in the industry.

Highlights of this kit:

  • High Flow AWE Tuning VTG Turbos
  • AWE Tuning 997TT Muffler with German HJS Catalysts
  • 321 Stainless Steel AWE Tuning 997TT Headers
  • CAD/CFD Developed AWE Tuning 997TT Intercooler Kit
  • Large Bore AWE Tuning 997TT Throttle Body
  • Sachs Racing Stage2 Clutch Kit (for 6sp cars)
  • Proprietary G.I.A.C. Software with Handheld Switching Feature

Proprietary software developed jointly with G.I.A.C. ties our cutting edge hardware together into a complete package. Our G.I.A.C. software catapults our kit to world class status, and we are the only 997TT turbo kit in the world to feature the ability to switch between software programs on the fly.

By use of an elegantly simple handheld device, you can choose different power profiles. Did you fill up with high octane race fuel and want to unleash this kit’s full 750hp potential? Plug the included handheld switcher into the port under the dash and push the race button. Are you leaving your car with a valet? Push the Valet button and you’ve instantly detuned the car to a mere 50hp! Concerned about security? Press the Kill button, and not even your own key will start the car until an alternate operational button is pushed. How about stock-like power levels for when you lend the car to a friend or are dropping it off for dealer work? Push the stock button and the car is back to showroom floor power levels. This is the ONLY 997TT turbo kit in the world that can boast such technology!

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