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AWE Tuning ColdFront System

Brand: AWE Tuning | Category: Radiators

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Product Description

Presenting the AWE Tuning ColdFront System. Designed in house at AWE Tuning, our ColdFront product line is the solution for consistent and reliable performance for modified vehicles looking for maximum power and security. AWE Tuning ColdFront products are available in the following configurations:

  • The full ColdFront product suite, featuring the AWE Tuning ColdFront Heat Exchanger, ColdFront Reservoir, and ColdFront Coolant Pump.
  • The ColdFront Heat Exchanger and ColdFront™ Reservoir
  • The ColdFront Heat Exchanger alone
  • The ColdFront Reservoir alone
  • The ColdFront Coolant Pump alone
  • The add-on ColdFront Protection Screen

The ColdFront Heat Exchanger
The AWE Tuning ColdFront Heat Exchanger was developed to reduce high air intake temperatures found in supercharged engines. Designed and conceptualized in house at AWE Tuning, the AWE Tuning ColdFront Heat Exchanger should be a mandate performance engines looking to keep things consistent and reliable.

The AWE Tuning ColdFront Heat Exchanger is a direct replacement for the factory heat exchanger, fitting neatly behind the front bumper and grill assemblies. This product was specifically designed by the engineers at AWE Tuning to include a unique drain plug and bleed screw, allowing the system to be bled without the need for external tools. In other words, all the benefits of a cooling upgrade with none of the fitment downsides.

Why a heat exchanger?
Insufficiently cooled air entering your vehicle’s engine will rob power and performance. Modified vehicles, notably those flashed and/or equipped with a modified supercharger pulley like the AWE Tuning Stage 2 Performance Pulley, are particularly susceptible to higher intake air temperatures. Enter the AWE Tuning ColdFront Heat Exchanger: Proven to maintain consistent intake air temperatures and power, even under the most demanding of conditions.

How it Works:
The AWE Tuning ColdFront Heat Exchanger utilizes a larger frontal area, resulting in in cooler supercharger coolant temperatures, leading to better air intake temperatures and consistent, reliable power.

Partner Products:
The AWE Tuning ColdFront Heat Exchanger can be used either in combination with other members of the AWE Tuning ColdFront product line, or it can be used as a stand-alone upgrade.

The ColdFront Reservoir

The AWE Tuning ColdFront Reservoir is CNC Machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum and plumbed directly into the heat exchanger coolant system to increase supercharger coolant capacity. The increase in coolant capacity leads to lower coolant temperatures, in turn supporting lower air intake temperatures. To further reduce coolant temperatures, the AWE Tuning ColdFront Reservoir incorporates a true flow through design which acts to reduce coolant temperature as it flows through the unit. The AWE Tuning ColdFront Reservoir features an anodized aluminum cap laser etched with the AWE Tuning logo, ensuring that checking the coolant level is a breeze.

Partner products:

The AWE Tuning ColdFront Reservoir can be used either in combination with other members of the AWE Tuning ColdFront product line, or can be used with the factory heat exchanger.

The ColdFront Coolant Pump
The AWE Tuning ColdFront Coolant Pump is the final member of the ColdFront family. Manufactured by the cooling-system wizards at Meziere Enterprises, who have nearly three decades worth of experience in engineering and manufacturing performance cooling system components, the ColdFront Coolant Pump replaces the stock heat exchanger pump — and out-performs it to the tune of an impressive 100% gain in flow-rate over the factory pump. During excessive dynamometer torture testing on our in house vehicles, we recorded an additional 8% decrease in intake air temperatures when the pump was combined with the ColdFront Heat Exchanger and ColdFront Reservoir. Cool.

Partner products:
While the ColdFront Coolant Pump may be used in conjunction with the stock heat exchanger, it cannot be used without the ColdFront Reservoir.

The ColdFront Protection Screen
The AWE Tuning ColdFront Protection Screen is the solution for guarding the ColdFront Heat Exchanger from road debris. The ColdFront Protection Screen guards the full face of the ColdFront Heat Exchanger with durable stainless wire mesh and is surrounded by a stainless steel frame, protecting it against any small objects that may find their way past the vehicle’s grill. This keeps the heat exchanger fins free of damage, allowing them to perform with maximum efficiency.

ColdFront Drive Select Cooler (for Audi Drive Select)
The factory Audi Drive Select Cooler snakes through the area where the ColdFront Heat Exchanger lives. But we fixed that. Our ColdFront Audi Drive Select Cooler places the new cooler in a safe new location beneath the crash bar.

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